The finest Urban Art Gallery in the South West of England if not the World

Red Propeller are pleased to announce a new superstar artist to the fold in the shifting shape of Paul McGowan whose challenging and controversial works have a habit of making headline news.

After a long and turbulent career, including an artists residency for 3 years at the Eden Project, punctuated with front page fodder like ‘Bad Ladder’, a sculptural piece consisting of a fake bomb strapped to a step ladder in a central London gallery - The gallery concerned was descended upon by the anti terrorist and bomb squad closing a large section of the capital surrounding the show. Needless to say heads rolled after it was realised that it was an art work but luckily not Paul’s which remains spinning on his shoulders.

Fresh back from Urban in Ibiza, Paul continues to produce 'blow you away' pieces. Alongside all this he is full on supporting two major charities ‘WAR CHILD’ and 'TEMWA' and 25% of his 3 beautiful new print releases with Red Propeller are going to support TEMWA .