THE POET by Dan Cimmermann

THE POET by Dan Cimmermann


by Dan Cimmermann

Featuring in upcoming 'Borderline' group show at Red Propeller

I am interested in the line between performing and non-performing. The line between the introvert and the extrovert. How a personality can be split. For example, a musician who is naturally introverted performing for the crowd or living up to the expectations of what is expected of them. The line that divides honesty and deceit, integrity and dishonesty. Is the hooligan really angry or is it an act? What drives us to behave like this? Why does society try to pigeon hole who we are? A writer, a singer, a boxer, a hooligan, an artist.

rom the Memorabilia Series

Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas Board

13cm x 18cm 

17cm x 22cm (Framed)

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