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borderline - november 2017

Our Borderline exhibit was a curated group show featuring Red Propeller Artists. Names included Russ Mills, TRXTR, L7m, Tracy Hamer, Lucie Smailes, Sophie Herxheimer,Yolande Henebery, Derek Finch, Janec Van Veen, Sandy Gilbert, David V Johnson, Connor Mcintyre, Jim Starr, Ben Allen, Enzo Marra, Dan Cimmermann, Scott Mackie, Jess Orr, Kristina Bieganski, James Stewart & Angel 41.

The show opened on 3rd November and ran until 7th December 2017. Featured work included a wide ranging interpretation of the theme by Red Propeller Artists - and a hugely successful live reading by Sophie Herxheimer from her new book 'Velkom to Inklandt.