Pilot Girls

Firstly - a big thanks to my boss Sarah (RPG Director) for the stellar introduction. I am thrilled to be making my formal debut as an official member of the Red Propeller team!

I'll admit I have long been a fan of the gallery, admiring it for it's eclectic and arresting style.

Working here on a daily basis doesn't desensitize you to this - I still leave (like most of it's visitors) totally wonderstruck!

Having had a chance to get backstage it’s clear that the extraordinary and ground-breaking work showcased at RPG is the result of some truly impassioned people – both staff and artists alike. It's these relationships and this vibrant world behind the gallery doors that I plan to highlight here in the blog.

'Outtakes' is your chance to catch exclusive interviews and events as they unfold!

To step further into the eccentric and wonderful world of Red Propeller and meet the people behind the art. To explore in more depth the work that makes this gallery so unique.

So, stay tuned and try to keep up - because believe me, things move at breath-taking speed around here!


- Charlotte Z. M.







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