A Quest For New Talent!


Kicking off Red Propeller's summer with a quest for new talent! 

Red Propeller's Sarah Anslow took to the Greek island of Zakynthos (Zante) on a seven day Iyengar Yoga retreat!

Led by the gorgeous Sam Xenofou, Sarah and the group spent four hours a day (yes - you read that correctly!) polishing their yoga technique in a Xenoyoga masterclass.

Evenings were spent enjoying a drink or two at the bar and taking in the breathtaking coastal view. The retreat was a chance to catch up with one of Red Propeller's featured artists, the lovely Jess Orr (who is not only brilliant in her own right but also works with an internationally acclaimed artist); as well as meeting other creative souls and exploring the wealth of artistic culture that Greece has to offer.

Arriving back at the gallery, Sarah had that post-yoga glow and was keen to share her experience of Xenoyoga - it's safe to say the retreat has both inspired and boosted her wellbeing!

You can read more about Sam's expert blend of yoga by visting her website www.xenoyoga.com

Exploring Panama with Sallyann!

The somewhat undeveloped province of San Blas is an offbeat destination for anyone wanting to explore the undiscovered. Red Propeller's own Sallyann spent two weeks on a yacht and got to grips with the beautiful north coast!

The hot, humid climate and the luscious jungle terrain made for a stunning backdrop, but it was the people of San Blas that really captured Sallyann's heart. The Kuna Yala community is built on an economy of agriculture, fishing and clothing production. Their diet consisting mostly of fish, coconuts and plants ...and a whole lot of sunshine! Sallyann enjoyed both this tropical weather and the artistic culture of Panama - in particular the traditional art of embroidery which is bold, bright and bursting with stories. If the scenery wasn't inspiring enough, she also caught up with a Colombian Sculptress over coffee and saw local textile artists at work!

Sallyann talks about the people of San Blas with great fondness and marvels at the matriarchal society that The Kuna are so famous for - pictured below are the Queen & King themselves...

Holding down the fort here at RPG while Sarah & Sallyann scour the globe (yes, I'm super jealous girls!), I kicked off my summer by soaking up this glorious sunshine with friends, getting to know RPG's featured artists and hunting for talent a little closer to home...

So, here's to another busy week at Red Propeller and a world of exciting talent! 

David Anslow