Tea with Lucie Smailes!

We joined RPG artist Lucie Smailes in her brand new Airstream caravan!

Lucie recently moved to the area from Bristol and this Airstream is the ultimate example of her love for all things 1950's. Much like Lucie's art - it is dreamlike and playful.

The three of us stood at the gate in awe - oblivious, for a moment, to the rain and mud! Only RPG Director Sarah had thought ahead and worn wellies (well done Sarah). Lucie greeted us with a big smile and waved us over, so we piled in and I got busy shooting photos while she boiled tea in a vintage kettle.


Like an immaculately curated mini museum, Lucie's 'Spartan Manor' showcases her collection of colourful retro finds. Creating the look that she had pictured in her mind was a painstaking process - but it has been marvellously executed and there's no doubt that Lucie can be very proud of the result. Laughing and chatting over cream teas, we admired her collection of treasures and tried to stifle our jealousy (OMG so jealous!). 

From a genuine (and super cute) 1950's cooker, to an artists palette table and twin swan planters outside the front door - this is every girls glamping dream! She even let us have a peek inside her closet - which is more like a grown up dressing-up trunk, full of sequins, bejewelled accessories and vintage frocks. Wearing a signature swing dress, platform heels and a necklace with a jewelled spider and web pendant; Lucie is now in perfect harmony with her environment. 

The caravan has peppermint green walls, a yellow upholstered sofa and a magical silver/mirrored ceiling that bounces light about and creates an almost ethereal underwater atmosphere. Stepping through the front door is like stepping back in time!

Lucie fetches her own fire wood and water, heats the place from a tiny red burner and watches the sun rise from a deck chair outside. She marvelled at how 'getting back to simplicity' has given her more time to read books and generally live a more connected life - one in tune with her Buddhist beliefs.

With no TV and limited internet access, Lucie is virtually 'unplugged' from the online world. Watching old movies and enjoying "just being" present in the moment - whether that's inside or out. 

"I positioned the Airstream facing the trees, so it feels as if I'm in the middle of the woods"

Whether she realises it or not, Lucie is a reminder that life should be lived honestly and that being absolutely true to yourself is a rare and beautiful thing. 

Leaving her little silver dream house, we headed back to reality feeling inspired and refreshed. Thanks for having us Lucie, we will definitely be calling again! 

Like all fairytales - the RPG team wish you a happily ever after! 


- RPG Team