Europes biggest Street Art & Graffiti festival! 

The world famous festival returned to the creative hub that is Bristol for Summer 2017.

Showcasing over 300 incredibly talented artists from across the globe, it is the biggest Street Art & Graffiti festival in Europe! 

In it's eighth year, the festival joined together with Ashton Gate Stadium to create the events largest venue of live art, with over 100 artists involved here alone. An amazing 200m of wall space became a giant canvas for an incredible collaboration of street art. 

As well as live art; there was other live entertainment, music and interactive workshops for children. Bedminster and Southville were seized by an electric atmosphere of artistic minds, from Saturday 29th to Monday 31st July. 

2017's artist line-up featured hundreds of talented artists including festival artists Pahnl, Brazilian mural artist Kobra, Buff Monster (New York), Portugal’sPantonio, Eelus (Brighton), Nomad Clan (Manchester), Filthy Luker (Bristol), Will Barras (Birmingham) Xens (Hull) and Bristol legends Cheo, Cheba, Inkie, Jody and Voyder. If this wasn't enough, these well known names were joined by 350 further artists! 

All of the work, in true Street Art style, took on a life of it's own. To watch these masterpieces being conjured before your eyes is a captivating opportunity to see the deepest parts of an artists soul being expressed in a wild and unique way.

Street Art drowns us in rich colour and endless imagination. It has the ability to transform it's environment and the concrete world that surrounds us into something alive, feral and beautiful. 

As gallery headliners for Urban and Street Art, Red Propeller was keen to check in and keep tabs on the event. With a reputation for spotting emerging talent and driving rising stars to success, Red Propeller always has Upfest on it's calendar.

We've gathered some of our favourites for you to see, so check out these beauties by some of the worlds greatest street art legends! 

This is a genre of art close to my own heart and perhaps a reason why I am so drawn to Red Propeller as a gallery. 

  • RPG Team