A Staff & Artist Event!

A coffee date with Janec Van Veen, Jim Starr & Lucie Smailes!

One of the things that makes Red Propeller stand out is the working relationship between gallery and artist.

Joined by some of our incredible artists, Thursday's coffee event here at Red Propeller Gallery was a great success!

Held on a regular Thursday during normal opening hours, a few lucky customers were surprised to meet these talented artists when they popped by to browse! The gallery was alive with animated discussion and laughter as our photographer (Ed Stogdale) snapped away - thanks again Ed!

Swapping a champagne breakfast for coffee and cake, we got up to all sorts of mischief and had the chance to chat art all morning...

With Jim Starr revealing brand new work, we were excited to chat with him first-hand about his choice of colour and technique. Starr's passion for travel and wild birds is easy to spot in his unique portrayal. A style which combines detailed fine art with bolder brush strokes and a surrounding aura of colour.

If you love a good remix, chances are you will love Starr's work - using both screen print and paint.

If you haven't seen his work in our window this week why not pop in and take a look...

Another of our favourites here at RPG is the talented Janec Van Veen, pictured below with one of his more intricate pieces.

Janec is known for his extraordinary sculptures, created using taxidermy and the depths of his own imagination - immaculately merged to birth a fantastical creature. With tiny toads captured in up-turned glasses and rats that sport magical butterfly wings, his work strikes a fire in anyone poetically inclined. Janec is happy to discuss the process of creating these characters and has promised to show me around his studio this summer - including his freezer which I'm told is stuffed with potential!

**Watch this space as a road-trip is on the agenda and I'll be bringing you an exclusive interview with Janec Van Veen soon!**

Ever the life of the party, Lucie Smailes also joined us for coffee and posed with some of her newest pieces in a shoot that captured her bejewelled and playful artistic style.

Fuelling our spirits and making everyone giggle, Lucie chatted away with both staff and artists. HER own playful style SHINING through when she dropped to the floor and spontaneously performed the splits!!!

The event was a chance for me to witness how Red Propeller really fosters a friendship with exhibiting artists. The event was a great way to kick off our summer and we plan to host more of these coffee dates - inviting you to come along and join us!

If there's an artist you admire, a painting you'd like to discuss; or perhaps you'd just like to soak up the Red Propeller vibe, then stay tuned for future dates!

Why not send us a message and let us know who you'd like to have coffee with...

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The next date in my diary is an Arts Soiree at Kingsbridge Community College on Wednesday 5th July 2017. We look forward to supporting our local school in their art, photography and textiles exhibition between 4.30pm - 6pm.


David Anslow