About Us

Red Propeller Gallery was founded by Sarah & David Anslow in 2006 and is RENOWNED FOR showing a more outré strand of contemporary WORK. 

The Gallery has played a major role in seamlessly merging Urban Fine Art with Contemporary Fine Art. It was one of the first Urban Art Galleries to hit the street - just as the phenomena was gathering speed. 

Red Propeller continues to identify and showcase challenging and thought provoking pieces by the best emerging Artists working today - all successfully working towards sealing their place in Contemporary Art history.

  • LUCIE SMAILES - intuitively combining 1950's objects, creating visual poetry with her surrealist sculpture.

  • JANEC VAN VEEN - a fantastical and visionary Artist creating remixed rogue taxidermy.

  • TRXTR - exploring the darker side of human existence with seductive and unsettling paintings using collage, acrylic and wax.

With a strong identity influenced by all genres, Red Propeller Gallery hosts a truly dynamic collection and is led by a dedicated team of art lovers.

All work is available to purchase online. 

We are one of a handful of UK galleries offering up to £25,000 interest free credit to our collectors - allowing you to spread the cost of your purchase. This is brought to you by the Arts Council 'Own Art' scheme.